Category: Action
All Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family
Release Year: 1966
Country: USA
Runtime: 105
Rating: 5.9 (0)
Languages: English
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Sound: Mono

  • Hes Here Big As Life In A Real Bat-Epic
  • from the famous character "BATMAN"
  • FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE MOTION PICTURE SCREEN IN COLOR! Adam West As Batman And Burt Ward As Robin Together With All Their Fantastic Derring-Do And Their Dastardly Villains, Too!
  • MEN DIE! WOMEN SIGH! Beneath that Batcape – hes all man!

  • Writing by: Lorenzo Semple Jr. – (written by)
    Bob Kane – (characters)

    Produced by: William Dozier – producer
    Charles B. Fitzsimons – associate producer

    Cast: Adam West – Batman / Bruce Wayne
    Burt Ward – Robin / Dick Grayson
    Lee Meriwether – The Catwoman / Kitka
    Cesar Romero – The Joker
    Burgess Meredith – The Penguin
    Frank Gorshin – The Riddler
    Alan Napier – Alfred
    Neil Hamilton – Commissioner Gordon
    Stafford Repp – Chief OHara
    Madge Blake – Aunt Harriet Cooper
    Reginald Denny – Commodore Schmidlapp

    Music: Nelson Riddle
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    Plot Outline: The Dynamic Duo faces four super-villains who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly dehydrates people.
    Plot: The archvillains of The United Underworld – The Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin – combine forces to dispose of Batman and Robin as they launch their fantastic plot to control the entire world. From his submarine, Penguin and his cohorts hijack a yacht containing a superdehydrator, which can extract all moisture from humans and reduce them to particles of dust. The evildoers turn the 9 Security Council members in the United World Building into 9 vials of multicolored crystals! Batman and Robin track the villains in their Batboat and use Batcharge missles to force the sub to surface.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 2 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    The film ends with THE END, then it suddenly changes to THE LIVING END…..?

    Goofs: We know about 31 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Continuity: When the Joker first dehydrates a guinea-pig, water appears in his backpack. In the next shot, its empty again.

    Trivia: There are 13 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Originally planned as the pilot film for the _”Batman” (1966/II)_ TV series, the movie was instead produced between the shows first and second seasons. The producers took advantage of the larger budget to have a number of new Bat-gadgets constructed, such as the BatBoat.
    • Although Sterling Holloway is listed in the credits as Col. Terry, all his scenes were, in fact, cut from the film as released.
    • The BatBoat was built especially for the film by the Glastron boat company. In exchange for their cooperation, the producers agreed to hold the films world premiere in Austin, Texas, Glastrons headquarters.

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